Attention Homeowners: What if a your backyard could save you 50% a year on groceries and give you better health, more sustainability & freedom? 

The (Almost) Instant 
Backyard Permaculture Garden Bed Blueprint
Grow $2,250+ Of Home-Grown Organic Food From A $60 bed!
And turn your yard into a no-dig, weed-free garden (in less than a few hours)…
With just 100’ sq feet of space!
  • 0:00 The TWO types of gardeners...
  • 0:45 Are you growing food the hard or easy way?
  • 2:00 The foundation of ANY EFFORTLESS Abundant garden...
  • 3:00 A struggling organic garden vs an effortless garden (TRUE STORY)!
  • 5:32 This "expert" garden method failed us... (and what to do differently)
  • 5:55 Plot twist: the newbie perma gardener did what?!?
  • ​6:20 Spending 95% less time growing food, getting HUGE YEILDS from a SMALL SPACE!!
  • ​7:25 Your #1 ENEMY: THIS gardening method. 
  • 9:35 The 6 KEY STEPS to your Effortless Abundant Garden (that ANYONE can use)
  • 15:50 The secret to creating your Effortless Abundant garden in any climate or amount of space! 
  • ​16:50 The COST of NOT using permaculture in your garden...
  • 17:30 How you can create your effortless garden with step-by-step help!
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So That You Can...
It's the "New Rich".
Start Your (Frugal) Modern Backyard Garden Today 

The average family of four spends around $200 a week on Groceries, or $10,400 a year, for "high quality" organic foods. 

Imagine if you could cut your grocery bill by 25% while giving your family even better, truly local, foods? 

      This concise and specific mini-course cuts through the noise and confusion to give you an exact formula to follow that will show you how to:
      • Turn ANY space (dirt, grass, bedrock, and more) into an abundant garden in a day.
      • Start a garden even in small backyard areas (you just need 100 sq feet)!
      • Source the materials needed to create your garden for cheap (or free).
      • ​No need to dig, till, or use any equipment!
      • ​No need for expensive materials to build an unnecessary raised bed.
      • ​Create a permaculture garden bed that is (almost) weed-proof.
      • ​Turn bad soil into deep, dark, healthy, lush soil your plants will thrive in!
      • ​Choose crops to plant to get the MAXIMUM harvest from a small garden bed.
      • ​Plant bio-intensively to get 10x the plants from a small space.
      • ​Turn $60 in Seeds into $2,200 of home-grown food!
      • ​& More!
      But, have you noticed that...
      Who hasn’t seen the rising food cost - it’s out of control! According to the USDA...
      Food costs went up 12% in price last year on average, with some items seeing a 20%+ increase in cost.
      To make this worse, our dollars deflating means in 2020 we got 7% LESS food per dollar than the year before. 
      And to throw salt in the wound...
      Have you noticed that grocery stores no longer have a full stock of all foods at all times?
      That is because of a myriad of supply chain issues, beyond my understanding even, that means we can no longer get exactly what we want when we want it. 

      Sometimes you might have to buy conventional potatoes because organic wasn’t available. 
      And the dark truth is that...
      Expensive organic foods are still sprayed with substances that are questionable at best. 
      Combined with the fact that many organic foods have little to no additional nutritional value than the toxic, conventional counterpart…

      It's no wonder why so many people are turning to growing their own food!
      If you were already beginning to feel that the status quo and systems were no longer serving you...
      That you have been wanting to take a step to break free of the system, and live a more sustainable life, connected to your food...
      That you look at your children and desperately want them to grow up differently than you did...

      I'm not into doom & gloom, but the writing is on the wall...
      It’s not your fault, it's just part of the way our system works - profit over people. 

      What I mean is that the food industry, in general, cares more about filling people with calories than they do about health and well-being. 

      Sure, there are some good small local farms, but is that where all of your food comes from?

      But here is the thing…

      Food is becoming more toxic each year….

      Shortages are real and increasing quickly….

      And there is no sign of food costs coming down.
      Now is the time to take action for you and your family.
      If you’re like most people I talk to, something is preventing you from having the garden of your dreams. 
      For a long time people have turned to grow backyard gardens to save money, create freedom and live more sustainably…
      But, there is a toxic slow, hard, and expensive way to grow a backyard garden (that often ensures failure)…
      … And an effortless abundant way.
          The simple, cheap & quick permaculture garden bed that changed my life…
          Hi, I’m Bret James. 

          My family and I have created a recession-proof, sh*t-storm proof self-sustainable life.

          We grow a low-work garden, have an abundant food forest, raise animals holistically, have a stocked pantry of home grown-foods, harvest fresh rainwater, and live in an energy-efficient passive solar straw bale home - all in alignment with nature.

          And it doesn’t take all of your time, in fact, we run a business and even homeschool our son - all while living a life as outside of the system as possible.
          BUT... It wasn't always like this.
          Years ago I knew that growing my own backyard garden was a good place to start to live a more free and sustainable life.

          I just didn’t quite know where to start, or desire to invest tons of time and money into a garden when I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it!

          To boot, I had limited space at our small suburban home, crappy soil, and a lawn in the way.

          But, you never know what will happen, until you try…
          So I grew my first “organic” garden - and it was an utter failure.
          I dug the soil by hand and planted my newly bought kale, chard, and tomatoes. 

          I seeded carrots and beats with excitement. But the excitement soon turned to frustration….

          Plants struggled to grow. Pests ate everything that did grow.

          All of my time, money, and effort pretty much went to waste that year. My organic garden only gave me a few bites of not great tasting spinach.

          But on the positive side, it seemed like I had a green thumb for growing weeds!

          I learned everything NOT to do when starting a garden.

          Apparently organic does not equal a good garden.

          But, thankfully I am a stubborn Capricorn, which means I’ll keep failing until I succeed...

          And I’ll save you the details but I grew ANOTHER massive struggling organic garden over the next couple of years. 

          So I began to wonder...
          Why would I continue to struggle growing my own food...When it was much easier to just easier to go buy food at the store?
          Oh right…
          …because at the grocery store, even the organic food is not great.
          What do I mean?
          First, despite organic being more expensive there is absolutely no guarantee that it is healthier and more nutritious than conventional food.


          Second, despite being organic, these foods (and farms) can still be sprayed with “approved” compounds - like copper sulfate.

          Large amounts of exposure to copper sulfate can lead to death - so are you really sure you want your family eating food still exposed to “organic” compounds? 

          Not me.

          So I guess it's back to growing your own food in your backyard, right?
          It was about this time that I started work trading for a permaculture teacher.

          There is a story here, but first…


          What’s that?

          Well, it is complicated but to say it simply…
          Permaculture is living (and growing food) in alignment with nature - versus against nature. 
          And the more I learned, the more it became clear that many of the organic gardening methods (like organic approved pest control, aka neem oil) were actually fighting nature and destroying the garden!

          It was with this revelation that I decided to pick up my seeds and try going food again, but with permaculture methods.

          Now that you know what permaculture is, let’s continue the story.
            Something shocking happened on the very first day in the garden with my permaculture teacher…
            We walked outside to the back of her house - it was nothing but tall weeds and hard dirt - LOTS of it.

            She looked at me and said, “we are going to turn this entire area into a garden today and plant it by tonight”.


            The area was MASSIVE.

            I asked, “Okay, when will the help get here?”

            She laughed and said, “it’s just you and me.”

            Let’s get to work.
            That was the day I learned how to create an almost instant, weed-free permaculture garden bed for little (to no) money from recycled materials.
            And sure enough, by the end of the day we had converted several hundred square foot yard into an abundant garden with this method!
            $20,000+ in food a year for 15 min a day?
            Since that day, I built many more garden beds with this method.

            Some at my own places.

            Some for clients.

            They all have done the same thing for me…

            Given massive abundance from an easy-to-create garden bed that is low-maintenance and costs little to create.

            At our home, with a 1/8 of an acre planted, we grow around $20,000 in fresh home-grown food each year. 

            And we only spend (on average) 15 minutes a day in the garden. 

            So, yea this stuff works.
            And I have helped THOUSANDS of students all over the world do the same.
            And You Can Skip The Brown Thumb...
            I've taken what I learned to create instant permaculture gardens and packaged them up in a step-by-step easy to implement mini-course...
            A NEW  MINI-COURSE RELEASING 3/3/2023!
            So, if you are a person who desires to start a new garden (or extend your existing one) this season before the world gets any more out of control…
            It is what you need to go from an empty backyard to having an effortless permaculture garden bed (and home-grown food) in a weekend!



            LESSON #1) GROW FOOD IN JUST 15 MIN/DAY 
            There are two ways to grow a garden... the conventional way or the permaculture way.

            You'll learn how to use nature-aligned tools and strategies in order to have gardens that nearly tend themselves! 
            Starting a garden doesn't have to take tons of $$!

            You'll learn how to source all of the materials you'll need for potentially free!
            And finish it in 4 hours or less!

            You'll learn how to assemble this garden bed in a way that will help prevent weed and pest problems, and help ensure an abundant harvest.
            For those who have small spaces...

            You'll learn how to mimic nature when planting and managing your garden bed so that you can get WAY more abundance than your average organic gardener!
            And to ensure your success without taking too much time...

            You'll learn how to add the "icing on the (garden bed) cake" as I like to call it - the super simple essential component that turns any garden to nearly effortless.
            This is a 3,650% ROI (beat that crypto currencies) ...

            You'll learn our recommended seed and planting list of high yield, high value, easy to grow foods that are worth it, and will provide great nutrition.
            SO THAT YOU CAN FINALLY....
            Breath a *SIGH* of relief knowing that you have take your first BIG step to create the life you desire.

            The REALITY is that you can....

            Feel more secure and free no matter what is going on in the world by starting your (Almost) Instant Garden Bed because you create... 

                #1) FOOD SECURITY & SUSTAINABILITY - "Planting seeds is how you invest in a better tomorrow."
                What is your family's security worth to you?

                Growing good organic food (without taking all your time) is a CRITICAL life SKILL!  It's the only way to hedge against supply chain problems and food shortages - yes even for first-world folks.

                In the long term, it might mean the difference between your kids having a healthy and habitable planet or not.
                #2) SAVING & MAKING MONEY - "Growing food is like printing money!"
                What's it costing your bank account?

                The average family of four spends around $200 a week on Groceries at Whole Foods, or $10,400 a year, for "high quality" organic foods - imagine if you could cut your grocery bill in half (or more) while giving your family even better, truly local, foods? 
                Does it become obvious that...

                The stake are high and that you can't afford to NOT have a backyard garden full of food?

                That if you really and truly want the best future for you and your family there is one clear next action step to take...
                The Freedom Dial
                You can enjoy your life and live it exactly as you want to live it.
                Simply put… you turn the dial from stuck and imprisoned to free and independent by investing in your skills and resources. 
                Skills + Resources = Freedom
                The more you skill up on growing food and self-sustainable living and the more you create resources like a homestead, the more freedom you’ll have.

                That is ALL a person needs to do. 
                    ENROLL NOW
                    Breath a *SIGH* of relief knowing that you have take your first BIG step to create the life you desire.
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                    What STUDENTS SAY:

                    Your 7-day Money-Back Guarantee

                    If after diving into this program you do not feel it is the right fit for you we will give you your money back!

                    This is such a GREAT DEAL.

                    So what's the catch?

                    The reason why this mini-course is so affordable...

                    I'm doing this because people need to be prepared for the future, but the current economic climate means many people are feeling the need to be wiser with their money.

                    But why do I care to help others?

                    I see where things are headed, and I want to do everything in my power impact the future, so that my son gets to live in an abundant, free and sustainable world.

                    The more people that I help to create more self-sustaining lives, the better the future will be for him.

                    So its a win-win.

                    I help others and in turn the world will be a better place for my son.

                    And yes, we offer higher-end program, courses and training that help people with more advanced garden and homestead design, but here I wanted to help my people with something so affordable, that has such a huge ROI, and will certainly change your future that it was a no-brainer.

                    But I don’t want you to risk your money on this - I get this isn’t a time to gamble with your money…

                    I’m so confident you’ll be satisfied with this mini-course… I’ll even guarantee it! 
                    I know that this program is everything you need to build a self-sustainable homestead and life. Everything. 

                    That’s why if you are not satisfied… I offer a no-questions-asked, 7 DAY refund policy! Just shoot my team an email and we’ll refund your investment. You know what that means?

                    Your investment is totally risk-free. 

                    Still More Questions?

                    Checkout The FAQ's...
                    Who is the Mini-Course for?
                    This mini-course is for any person who desires to start a permaculture style garden. It could be your first garden bed, or you could be new to permaculture gardening.
                    What format is this in?
                    This mini-course is a video course, with downloadable workbook and resource lists!
                    What will I learn?
                    You will discover step-by-step how to build a layered permaculture garden bed, and the nature-aligned tools and strategies I use to make growing food as low work as possible! I'll help you turn $60 in seeds into a $2,250 harvest!
                    How long do I have access to the mini-course?
                    Lifetime Access! 
                    How much space do I need?
                    You only need about 100' sq feet of space to build this bed, though you could obviously build it bigger than that! Any average backyard should be more than adequate.
                    Will this work in my climate?
                    Permaculture gardening works in all climates provided you have at least 90 days of summer. Only those in very high elevations, and far northern reaches might struggle. 
                    What if I have poor soil? Or no soil?
                    Poor soil doesn't matter - the creation of this layered bed will be adding new soil while building the soil that is there. Each year your soil will get better and better! In fact this will even work on concrete or bedrock!
                    Will this work if I have lawn, or weeds?
                    Yes! Because we start with an organic weed-barrier (cardboard) you’ll be able to suppress any grass or weeds as if they had never been there.
                    What if I have a brown thumb?
                    Often, a brown thumb stems from poor soil, causing weak plants. A layered permaculture garden bed is designed to be nutrient dense and drastically increase your ability to easily grow food!

                     Have you seen Bill Gates is already predicting the next “Pandemic"?

                    But here is my final warning: The time to act is NOW.

                    Can you see no one is really coming to help you?

                    The government won’t save you - did those stimmy checks get you much more than massive inflation for the next decade?

                    If you want to STOP being dependent on broken systems that only continue to get worse, it’s up to you to take charge of your life, once and for all.

                    Now is the time to decide if you would rather prepare and anticipate or be caught off guard scrambling to react and take care of your family.

                    It's up to you to save and protect your family… to be their hero.

                    And if you’re going to wait until the “right time” to start - you’re going to get stuck waiting because the right time was years ago. 

                    Anyone can take this path to become more independent and have a Modern Monetized Holistic Homestead.

                    Its NOT about selling everything own, quitting your job and moving to the woods, its about turning your current backyard or land into a self-sufficient paradise in stages, over time

                    But don’t do it alone. Allow me to share what works (and eliminate the guesswork) through our training, roadmaps, workbooks, and more.

                    So Now It’s Time for You to Make One of Two Choices...

                    The first type of person is the one who buries their head in sand and hopes it will all work out in their favor, likely on a path to poverty. They choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing... then nothing changes (or worse). 

                    But if you have read this far then I can guess with near certainty that you are excited and ready for this new chapter and transformation in your life…

                    The second person is the hero who stands up for what is right for their family -freedom, health and sustainability. They chose to make today the day that day everything began to change…

                    Which person are you going to be for your family?

                    I’m ready to start, knowing I’m protected by a full, 7 DAY Money Back Guarantee!

                    HAVE QUESTIONS OR NEED HELP?

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