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to align your garden, food, home & life with nature...
so that you can feel peaceful, healthy, secure in any climate and even in small spaces. 
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Bret James 

  • Permaculture Teacher
  • Gardener, Farmer & Modern Homesteader
  • ​Ecologist & Environmentalist 
  • ​​Preparedness & Emergency Planner
  • Husband, Father & Strawberry Lover

Do you want to THRIVE in these uncertain times?

At this exclusive free training, you'll get a step-by-step guide for where to start with creating an eco-minded permaculture based life for you and your family.

You can grow your own food in alignment with nature, raise animals holistically, harvest resources like sun and rain, or even build natural, energy-efficient homes while being prepared for anything.

Here's just a small sample of what you can expect at this exclusive free training:
 Where To Start With Permaculture
Permaculture is the secret sauce that all my students use - and I'm going to teach you exactly where to start with it, BUT, if you miss this ONE critical step it will only waste your time...
 Little Time Ecological Gardens
Discover how an ecological garden is COMPLETELY different from a conventional garden and how you avoid weeding, tilling, pests, and more for home-grown food without the headaches of regular gardening... 
 No-Work Food Forests
Learn how a backyard food forest provides YEARS of food with little maintenance and how you can literally walk out into your yard and pick fruits, berries, nuts, and more without back-breaking work...
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